Do you want to learn how to draw 3D drawings with the help of FreeCAD? I guarantee that after this introductory course you will have a solid foundation in drawing, you will be able to draw 3D drawings and you will no longer find it difficult to learn new things on your own using information on the Internet. The training course is adapted for users of CNC machines.

Hello, my name is Darius. I have loved to construct since childhood, so drawing has always been my forte. I have built several CNC machines myself, so I know their work very well. And of course, I have mastered the art of FreeCAD drawing, which I want to share with you. I can teach you how to create 3D drawings using FreeCAD.

Course description:

We'll start with the basics, I'll walk you through the app's environment and basic settings. We will learn how to read FreeCAD drawings and create the first sketches step by step as new features are added each time.

Once we get the basic drafting skills down, we'll move on to the part of creating the G-code needed for the machine. I will explain the intricacies of milling tools, their parameters and machine work, without knowing which you will not be able to prepare the correct drawing and G code for efficient and high-quality machine work.

In the final lessons, I will introduce you to the wider capabilities of FreeCAD, such as texturing products, writing text and assembly drawings. After this training, you will learn how to draw 3D drawings, operate CNC machines, and create realistic visualizations of products.

Participants will be given access to the training class on the Internet, where you will always find the drawings drawn during the lessons, links to the lectures and video recordings of the lectures. You can use this access for another 3 months. from the end of these trainings, so if you sometimes miss a lecture, you can watch it from a video recording.

100% money back guarantee until the start of the second lecture if you decide that this course or my teaching is not for you!

Live online training from 03/06/2023 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m. via ZOOM. The duration of one lesson is 1 hour. 30 min. End of the course 04/05/2023.

Briefly about FreeCAD

The FreeCAD project was started back in 2001. FreeCAD is maintained and developed by a community of enthusiastic developers and users who work with FreeCAD on a voluntary basis in their spare time.

  • FreeCAD is a general purpose parametric 3D CAD modeling program. FreeCAD is open source (LGPL license) and free. FreeCAD is designed for mechanical engineering product design, perfect for 3D printing products or CNC milling products, etc.
  • FreeCAD has tools similar to CATIA , SolidWorks or Solid Edge , so it also falls under the category of CAD , PLM , CAx and CAE . It is a parametric drawing program with a modular architecture of workbenches and functions that allows you to cover the full range of drawing functions in the same environment, the drawing program.
  • Like most CAD-type programs, FreeCAD has 2D components for drawing flat shapes. However, FreeCAD's main focus is not 2D drafting like Inkscape or AutoCAD. The possibilities of using FreeCAD are significantly wider.
  • FreeCAD uses Open CASCADE technology (OCCT). This open source full-scale 3D geometry library is a powerful CAD core;
  • FreeCAD uses Coin3D - Coin3D's high-level toolset for efficient 3D graphics creation.
  • FreeCAD's built-in API interface is compatible with Open Inventor's world- renowned user interface framework;
  • FreeCAD integrates Python, a modern scripting language that allows you to program additional functions of the environment, integrations or automation. FreeCAD can also be used as a library in other applications.
  • The FreeCAD environment is compatible with: Linux/Unix, Windows and Mac OSX systems while maintaining the same appearance and functionality.

Screenshots of FreeCAD drawings and environment: https://wiki.freecadweb.org/Screenshots