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Individual, remote "FreeCAD" 3D drawing training for a closed group

Individual, remote "FreeCAD" 3D drawing training for a closed group

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The duration of one lesson is 1 hour. 30 min. Training course 8 lessons (16 credit hours).
Lessons are organized at a time convenient for you, mutually agreed upon via ZOOM.

This service is intended for companies or closed groups, collectives. Training in a closed group will allow you to share knowledge with colleagues, learn by solving common problems collectively.

Training program:

1. Introduction, acquaintance with the coordinate system, management of drawings in three-dimensional space, formation of typical 3D bodies:

  • Familiarity with the FreeCAD environment, basic functions, parameter settings and program management features;
  • Acquaintance with the main tools of Part desktop 3D drawing;
  • Principles of drawing elementary 3D figures.

2. Basics of drawing and editing 3D bodies:

  • Principles of drawing 3D projections using Part desktop tools.;
  • Familiarity with the environment and tools of one of the most important desktops, Part Design, Sketch;
  • We will draw elementary 2D shapes.

3. Drawing 3D bodies using the displacement function:

  • Familiarity with Part Design desktop tools: point, line, polyline, polygon, rectangle, arc, circle, ellipse, scissors, dimensions, snap, align, transform, mirror image, 2D shift ...;
  • Drawing 2D projections.

4 . Creating 3D bodies by drawing 2D sketches in different planes:

  • Using Part Design's Sketch workbenches to create 3D shapes from 2D sketches in different planes.

5. Drawing 3D bodies using the addition and subtraction functions of bodies:

  • Part Design desktop. Drawing of 3D projections using projection formation methods "addition" and "subtraction";
  • Use of auxiliary plane.

6. 2D and 3D drawing import, export and editing of imported drawings:

  • Export and import of drawings in different formats;
  • Editing capabilities of imported drawings;
  • Additional functionalities: text writing and positioning in space;
  • Using photo import to draw a drawing;
  • Desktops: Part, Part Design, Draft, Image.

7. Basics of creating G code for CNC machines:

  • Path desktop features;
  • Basics of making a path for CNC milling machines;
  • CNC machine work simulation;
  • Basics of CNC machine control.

8. Assembling the object from different detailed drawings, creating a realistic image:

  • Connecting individual parts of the product to each other using the A2Plus workbench;
  • Creating a realistic 3D sketch using the Arch Texture desktop. Control of light sources;
  • Awarding of diplomas on attended trainings.

* The price shown is per person. The number of persons is specified when choosing the number of services.

Training is available in: Lithuanian / Russian / English.

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