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Black and white wooden figurines of twin kittens 34 cm. and 39 cm.

Black and white wooden figurines of twin kittens 34 cm. and 39 cm.

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Create a cozy and warm atmospheric accent in your home with these elegant wooden cat figurines. This unique pair - like real twin sisters - impresses not only with their exquisite design, but also with their gentle story.

These wooden sculptures, reflecting tulips and slender, graceful cats, will decorate your space as a delicate artistic composition. The black cat is a little lower, the white cat is a little bigger, it creates an interesting and harmonious contrast.

The combination of colors - black and white - not only pleases the eye, but also gives the sculptures elegance and modernity. They are perfect for various interior colors, giving your rooms a subtle accent.

The base of the sculptures is transparent, unpainted, allowing you to personalize this piece of art to your liking. If you wish, we can laser engrave your personal greeting or special wish, making these figurines not only a great decoration, but also a meaningful gift.

Each sculpture is handmade. Flawless lines are ensured by their production on computerized CNC machines, then they are carefully machined and painted by hand.

These cat figurines are not only a visual decoration, but also a unique way to add warmth and coziness to your home. Let them tell a tale of love, family and harmony, which will undoubtedly become an irreplaceable element of the interior and a source of joy. This pair of sculptures is sold as a cohesive composition that will allow you to touch art and add uniqueness to your environment.

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