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Universal 5-16 liter pot, cauldron stand, tray, holder.

Universal 5-16 liter pot, cauldron stand, tray, holder.

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The universal 5-16 liter pot, cauldron stand is a practical and uniquely designed solution for your kitchen. This stand is made of durable marine grade plywood that is moisture resistant and durable.

The two-piece construction is compatible with pots or pans of various sizes. 6 l in the photos. and 12 l. boilers

The stand consists of two symmetrical parts, joining them into an elegant cross-shaped structure. Handles integrated in the stand ensure convenient and safe transfer of hot pots.

The compact design is convenient to store on a shelf or simply hang on a hook, thus saving space in the kitchen.

In addition, the stand can also be used when folded, so we have a smooth surface for a pan or a pot with a smooth bottom.

This stand is not only functional, but also stylish, so it can be confidently and safely placed on the dining table.

Dimensions: 37 cm. x 37 cm. x 13 cm.

Material: 12 mm. marine plywood.

The photos show 6-liter and 12-liter boilers.

In case of individual need, I will make a holder according to your needs.

Also, don't be afraid to apply if there are other needs. I will design and manufacture.

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