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Boat Transom Lift Kit

Boat Transom Lift Kit

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Trance lift parameters


There are times when the boat's factory transom height is not ideal for the maximum efficiency of the boat's available engine and a riser kit must be used. A boat engine mounted at the correct height works most efficiently.

Product features:

  • The trans boost kit is manufactured from marine plywood on a computerized CNC machine;
  • The set includes the screws required for installation;
  • The set is easy to assemble and install;
  • Options are available depending on the desired transom lift height and the thickness of the boat's transom.

Product set:

1 pc. Inner side trans boost plate;
1 pc. Outboard transom riser plate;
1 pc. Trance height increasing insert;
1 pc. set of screws: (7 pcs. screws M6 x 25 mm., 8 pcs., wood screws 6 x 30 mm..
* Shades of marine plywood and screws may vary depending on available materials.

Production and delivery terms:

  • The set is produced and sent to your nearest post office within 1-2 days;
  • If the right option for you differs in dimensions by up to 2 cm. from our typical options? Choose the option that best suits you and inform us about your other needs. We will take this into account during production.
  • Custom orders for marine plywood products are available.

Only the most common variants are presented. If you need advice or your needs are significantly different from the options presented, please contact us. We will advise and make the option that suits you!

Happy fishing!

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